June 29, 2015 By Claire Chapman

Brilliant Play Solutions is a Community Interest Company – this means that whilst we strive to be a sustainable business we also exist to have a positive social impact. This ‘double bottom line’ approach is becoming increasingly common as businesses work for the good of the community that they serve rather than to line the pockets of a board of directors.


At Brilliant Play we have multiple income streams from long term sessions and one off events commissioning to ‘pay to play’ sessions. Any surplus we generate goes in to either subsidising access for families or putting on training or one off events in partnership with providers that work with disadvantaged families.


If you are a professional who works with families facing disadvantage that may benefit from attending any of our sessions please do get in touch to see how we can facilitate this. Similarly if you are from an organisation who would like to put on an event for disadvantaged families and would like us to attend to provide play activities contact us!